Enjoyed Designing this Large and Complex Website

This has been one of the most rewarding projects I’ve worked on to date. When I started designing this site the client loved the look-and-feel so much that she wanted to use my designs to influence the company brand going forward. Tackling such a large project was very time consuming but I loved every minute of it. Here’s a link to the actual site: http://accessdata.com



Designing an Event Website

I had the pleasure of designing this event website promoting a partner conference in Dublin. Top navigation pulls you down the page instead of to another page. Here’s the link to the site: http://accessdata.com/partner-conference-dublin/

Dublin Invite website

Progressing the Brand

AD Brochure

Growing the Advanced Discovery Brand

AV-SalesSlick DC-SalesSlick  F-SalesSlick SM-SalesSlick XL-SalesSlick   DR-SalesSlick

Advanced Depositions Website Design



Glenda Hoffman’s most current website design

Designing Advanced Depositions Logo and Brand

Starting with the logo, colors and fonts then off running to design website, brochure, letterhead, advertisements, retractable banners for starters.

Advanced Depositions Website

Advanced Depositions Retractable Banner